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Our purpose for existing is really fairly simple: We want to help people fall more in love with God, and to love their neighbor more. Jesus said this was the essence of authentic religion (The Gospel of Luke 10:25-27). 

We have discovered – like Christians in all ages and places - that we fall more in love with God by:

  • grappling with the Bible’s stories of God’s astonishing goodness, especially the stories of Jesus; 
  • shedding our own agendas through prayer that opens us to God’s bigger agenda; joining with others in praise and worship to bask in God’s goodness each week
  • receiving the nourishment that comes from eating the bread and drinking from the cup of Holy Communion. 

Also, we have found that we learn to love our neighbor by reaching out in service to people who are hurting and need some help. Jesus lived as a servant, and is our example and model. We discover that as we extend ourselves in service to others, the Risen Christ is present with us. 

We invite you to look over our offering of ministries for people of all ages. We have lots of settings for people to join in, and discover for the first time --or for the zillionth time-- that they are beloved sons and daughters of God, and friends of Jesus.